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Redefine yourself, Sunday… Last week we featured Vera Wang who did not design her first dress until she was 40. It was a new career for her. This week we are featuring someone who was far older than Vera Wang when he redefined himself. Before finding success in the fried-chicken business in his 60s, you read that right, HIS 60’s, as a young man, he toiled as a farmhand and streetcar conductor before working for railroad companies across the South. Aspiring to be the next Clarence Darrow, he studied law by correspondence and practiced in justice-of-the-peace courts in Arkansas until a courtroom brawl with a client derailed his legal career. Word is he could have a temper. He operated a steamboat ferry that crossed the Ohio River between Kentucky and Indiana, and he sold life insurance and automobile tires. He even delivered babies for a living at one point. And NO, he was not a doctor, OR a real Colonel! That all changed when he took a fried chicken recipe he came up with across the country and convinced restaurants to try it by cooking it for their employees. When they liked it he asked payment of 4-5 cents for every order they sold to a customer using his secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, and hence the franchise that would become the second largest in the world was born. Do you know who he is? Have you redefined yourself? Are you in the process of redefining yourself? Share your story with us! #GoForIt #LiveYourBestLife #NEVERSayTooOld #WhoYouCallingOld #OldCow #RedefiningAging #60 #over60 #over60andfabulous #60plus #entrepreneur #entrepeneurover40 #entrepeneurover50 #entrepeneurover60 #instaover40influencer #lifeafter40 #lifeafter50 #lifeaftet60 #studentover40 #instagood #colonelsanders #instagood #lifeafter70 #silverfox #thereislifeafter40 #embraceaging #redefineaging #50 #50plus #50plusandfabulous #40plus

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5. « Colonel » Harland Sanders

Le Kentucky Fried Chicken est l’une des entreprises les plus florissantes au monde. Et à l’origine de cette société et de ses délicieux poulets frits, il y a eu le Colonel Sanders, de son vrai nom Harland David Sanders. Avant de créer le premier restaurant KFC en 1952, le Colonel Sanders a fait face à de nombreux échecs.

Mais il a toujours persévéré, et c’est finalement à l’âge de 62 ans que ses efforts ont payé. Malgré le fait que son succès ait été tardif, il en a pleinement profité au cours des 28 dernières années de sa vie.

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