L’incendie est éteint, mais certains dégâts sont irréversibles. La bâtisse et sa toiture seront reconstruites, mais elles ne seront jamais telles quelles. Une bien triste nouvelle qui émeut chacun d’entre nous. Car la cathédrale est implantée dans notre culture, notre capitale. Un monument historique qui fait pleinement partie du paysage de Paris.

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– NOTRE DAME – ???? • The creators caption: . “I’m truly saddened by the scenes coming out of Paris right now. Dating back to the 1100s, the Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most historic churches in the world. I really hope she can be saved.” • What a stunning photo! #notredameparis #parisstreetstyle #historicbuildings • ???????????????????????????????????????? • ✨Congratulations to the photographer:✨ • ???? Credit: @mindz.eye • ???? Location: Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France ???????? • ???? Selected by: @paolo.del.fiume • ???????? Follow our gallery to discover more inspiring photographers! • ???????? Tag your photos with #curbshooterz and @curbshooterz to be featured. • ???? Check out our CURBSHOOTERZ team ???? . ???? @paolo.del.fiume ???? @manumo_photography • ???????????????????????? • Check out our partner hubs: . ???? Finest Streetphotography from Zurich, Switzerland – @streetpixzurich . ???? Finest Landscapephotography around the world – @focus_kollektiv • ????????????????????????????????????????

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ENG ????????⬆ RUS ????????⬇ ⠀ ????Notre Dame de Paris ⠀ I feel horrible goosebumps … On such a beautiful morning we got such terrible news. ⠀ What had been building for 200 years, stood for many centuries, survived dozens of wars and revolutions died in the fire during a few hours …. ⠀ And this is happened today, in the age of technology and discoveries… I can’t understand this???? ⠀ The image created by Hugo turned into a pile of ash. ⠀ It’s a great loss to the culture and history of not only France, but the whole world … _________________________________ ⠀ ????Нотр-Дам-де-Пари???? ⠀ Ужасные мурашки по коже… В такое прекрасное утро настолько удручающие новости. ⠀ То что строилось 200 лет, стояло много веков, пережило десятки войн и революций погибло в огне за несколько часов…. ⠀ И это всё сегодня в век технологий и открытий… Это не укладывается в голове. ⠀ Образ созданный Гюго превратился в груду пепла. ⠀ Большая потеря для культуры и истории не только Франции, но и всего мира…

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#notredame #notredamedeparis #paris #parisjetaime

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What a tragedy ….. . Notre Dame ⛪️ has been a symbol of ???????? for many centuries. It’s one of the beating hearts of the French civilization and one of the most precious monuments in the world. I was so lucky to visit it and that time I couldn’t even imagine that people will not be able to witness its former glory one year after ????. This sad accident reminded me once again how frigile #worldheritage Is and that we should use any opportunity to explore our historical sights before they vanished. . . . . . . . . . . . #notredame #notredamfire #notredamedeparis #parisonfire #parisfrance #parisianlifestyle #visitfrance #parisjetaime #historicalheritage #symbolesdefrance #victorhugo #unescoworldheritage #unescoworldheritagesite #fragileworld #savehistory #protecthistory #monument #historicalmonument #frenchhistory #parishistorique #cathedral #savenotredame

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