Quand les insectes sont de la partie

Cette fois, nos internautes ont trouvé dans leurs draps et plats des insectes en tout genre, parmi d’autres désagréments.

Stayed at a hotel for cheap this weekend. Wasn’t quite prepared for this level of sketch. from r/WTF
Walked into my hotel room…….. from r/trashy
Checked in to a hotel and promptly checked out. from r/WTF
My hotel tv from r/Wellthatsucks
My Hotel offers a kettle and glasses to use – but has a folder in a drawer with rules. One of them says you have to pay a fine if you use the kettle. from r/assholedesign
in a fancy hotel restaurant and found this in the mixed nuts they bring to your table while you wait for your food.. from r/WTF


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