Des seringues comme s’il en pleuvait

Certains internautes ont pu avoir la malchance d’apercevoir des seringues usagées cachées plus ou moins bien.

This Motel 6 we are staying at tonight. Needless to say I’ll never book here again…. from r/trashy
Got excited from far away about the motel having a swimming pool …. from r/mildlyinfuriating
My hotel apparently has complimentary dirty underwear service from r/WTF
I was told to post this here, Mushrooms growing out of a door at the hotel I work at. from r/WTF
My buddy went on a trip to Atlantic City, NJ for the weekend and this is what he found underneath the mattress in his room. from r/trashy
Walked into my hotel, and there happened to be a dildo hanging from the sprinkler from r/WTF


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